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Image by Kyle Glenn

My Experience

When I was schoolboy, a teacher looked at my palm and said "You have a special talent  to discover hidden knowledge.  You have a gift, and you must nurture it.  You must study the gift and learn how to use it to help  others." 
He taught me, and then I started looking at my family's hands.  I found that every hand was different, which I felt showed that everyone had a different destiny and that destiny showed in their hands.  
I went on to study with some famous palm readers, but I discovered they knew little, even though they were well-known. Eventually, I found a reader with really good talent and stayed with him for a year to study.  I traveled to many countries to study.  I read hundreds of books on the subject, but there was no book with complete knowledge.  I learned that what my best teacher had told me was real; you have to have the talent first.  
I found out that having a palm reader is very important,  as important as having a doctor.  It helps you decide what are the best steps to take at any given time in your life.  A good palm reader can help you decide what is the very best next step for you.

True Experience

 When I was twenty years old, a woman came to me and said, "I went to a palm reader and he scared me. He said you have a very short life line, meaning I will not live a long life."  I read her palm and told her that you can't just look at the length of the line to determine how long you will live. You have to look at other lines and signs.  Her hand predicted a long life, and she did not have to worry.

She is now in her seventies with grandchildren and is still very healthy.  I do not tell people how long they will live.  Only God knows that.

True Experience

When I was 21, I heard my neighbor crying.  My mother and I went to her and asked what happened.  She said, "My husband left me, I am sick, and I don't know what to do."  I asked to see her hand.  After looking at her hand, I smiled reassuringly.  She said, "I am crying; why are you smiling at my sadness?"  I assured her she did not need to worry.  "Your husband made one plan and God made another. Your hand shows that after one year you will meet and marry a good man and move from here. Your life will go smoothly. After five years you will have some difficulty, but afterwards you will have wealth, happiness and good fortune." After two years she came to visit my mom and told her that your son was right. I met a good man and married him."We are very happy."
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