Lines of Hands

True Experience:

     When I was twenty years old, a woman came to me and said, "I went to a palm reader and he scared me. He said you have a very short life line, meaning I will not live a long life."  I read her palm and told her that you can't just look at the length of the line to determine how long you will live. You have to look at other lines and signs.  Her hand predicted a long life, and she did not have to worry.

     She is now in her seventies with grandchildren and is still very healthy.  I do not tell people how long they will live.  Only God knows that.

True Experience:
     When I was 21, I heard my neighbor crying.  My mother and I went to her and asked what happened.  She said, "My husband left me, I am sick, and I don't know what to do."  I asked to see her hand.  After looking at her hand, I smiled reassuringly.  She said, "I am crying; why are you smiling at my sadness?"  I assured her she did not need to worry.  "Your husband made one plan and God made another. Your hand shows that after one year you will meet and marry a good man and move from here. Your life will go smoothly. After five years you will have some difficulty, but afterwards you will have wealth, happiness and good fortune."
    After two years she came to visit my mom and told her that your son was right. I met a good man and married him."We are very happy."
Marks and Lines


     Everyone's hands have different lines, marks, and signs.  The majority of people have at least four major lines in their hands. These are life, heart, brain, and fate.  New lines, marks and signs appear as you age, success/sun line,  mercury line, second heart line, guardian line.  Some other signs and marks can also appear.  Some are good and some are bad. For example, the cross at the mount of Jupiter is very good in that it can predict success and love.  If the cross shows up on a  mount of Saturn, in a male hand, it can be bad in that it may show an accident. If the other lines in the hand are not strong, this could mean his life may filled with hardship. If the cross shows up in conjunction with a square shape, it means the person will be protected. I interpret the meaning by incorporating the person's age, the shape of the hand, and how strong the other lines are as well as  what other signs and marks are visble.

     New palm readers read both male and female hands the same.  That is not correct.

Male and female hands are read differently. Also Western female hands are different versus those of women from the East.  A cross in a woman's hand has a very different meaning from one in a man's hand.

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Palmist palm reading and learn your destiny. Let me help you. Love life, everything. Hand lines will show.

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